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Useful Links

Below are a few links to the many organisations that provide information and support with wellbeing that you may find useful, as well as additional links to key resources. Check back regularly as we add to the list.

Education Support


Established in 1877 as the Teachers Benevolent Fund, Education Support is a charity dedicated to helping those working in Education. Their website is full of useful information and they also offer a confidential 24/7 helpline, which you can access on 08000 562 561.


A nationwide Mental Health charity with regional 'local minds' which are independent local charities linked to the national one. Their website is full of fabulous resources and simple videos like the one we've chosen, which can effectively be used as part of a staff meeting, or wider conversation.

Additional Links

Education Support Teacher Wellbeing Index 2022

This is essential reading. Commissioned by Education Support annually and conducted with YouGov

Ten Ways to Support School Staff Wellbeing

This is a resource from, the National Centre for Children and Families.

What is Mental Health Video

This video is from and a good explanation of what actually is mental health and why it is so important to be aware of it.

Working Lives of Teachers and Leaders

Finally released in April 2023, this survey gives a real insight into the thinking of school staff. Results based on 11,177 teachers responses.


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